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Finding A Useful Anti-Aging Product

Finding a good anti aging skin care product is probably one of the best ways to have skin that does not look the person’s age. However, these anti aging products are difficult to sort through since there are so many on the market today that promote amazing results from their formulas. There are some products that use ingredients that have been tested and scientifically proven to have the results that they are claiming. There are other anti aging products that have some research to back their claims but have not been fully proven yet. There are still other products that have ingredients in them that are trendy and popular for the moment, but really have no proof to back the claims that are made about them. As such, individuals can end up spending a lot of money on these anti aging products and not find one that is actually doing anything for their skin unless they know some information about what to look for in the products.

Proven Ingredients

The problem in finding a good anti aging product on the market today is partially due to the fact that these cosmetic products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. That means that the manufacturers can use whatever ingredients they think will be sufficient in their products without having to prove the effectiveness of them. There are some ingredients that have been proven to be effective in anti aging products however.

If the anti aging products have retinoids as their main ingredients, they are probably a good choice since retinoids have been clinically proven to be effective in rejuvenating the skin. Tretinoin, which is also named Retin A or Renova, has also been proven effective in this field of skin renewal.

Different estrogens are also used in some products to help fight the aging process in skin as well as different Vitamin C derivatives and combinations. The use of Vitamins E and C combined with ferulic acid has also been proven to be effective in anti aging products that are on the market today. Otherwise, there are not any other proven ingredients that help with anti aging.

There are many other ingredients that have been partially proven but still need more tests. These are more than can be listed here. There are others that have not been proven at all but are popularly in use today in anti aging products. Acetyl hexapeptide 3 is one of these ingredients as well as ethocyn. Resveratol or sirtuins have also not been proven to be effective in any way, in addition to the beta-hydroxy acids.

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