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Female Pitbull Skin Conditions

Skin conditions in dogs are very common today. Perhaps they have always been present in our dogs, but dogs are more of a family pet being kept indoors than in the past. The Pitbull, which has been the subject of much controversy, has become a very popular dog in recent years. As with all dogs, they require good quality food, regular check ups and prevention from any ailments. Many dog owners seem to prefer female dogs, whether it’s because they plan to breed or just for their loving protective nature. Many Pitbull owners prefer to own a female Pitbull. Skin conditions are one thing that is quite common in dogs. They may start as something simple as simple dry skin due to the weather or may be something more serious such as parasites or worms.

Female Pitbull skin conditions may also occur during gestation or after giving birth. This sometimes happens because pregnancy and nursing takes a lot out of the dog-sometimes faster than it is being replaced. You may have seen a female Pitbull with skin conditions such as shaggy or loose hair, excess shedding or dull coat and think the dog is very unhealthy. In reality, this just may be a sign that they are nursing a large litter of puppies and haven’t gotten back to their pre-pregnancy condition.

Whether you have a male or female Pitbull, skin conditions can occur even without pregnancy. There may also be a variety of causes for these problems. One main cause of skin problems in the Pitbull is with the blue-coated Pitbull. The blue-coated Pitbull is very popular with dog owners that like the Pitbull dog. While they are beautiful to look at, prospective owners should be aware that they are very prone to skin conditions. Many new owners purchase blue-coated Pitbull without thoroughly researching them and then want to return them when problems arise. Many skin problems are associated with the blue coat coloring.

These problems are not linked with one particular gender. Whether it’s a male or female Pitbull, skin conditions such as staph, viral, bacterial and fungal infections are very common in blue-coated Pitbull. Other conditions that may develop are allergies, dermatitis, color mutant alopecia and demodex, all of which have been linked with the blue coats. Occasionally, some of the male or female Pitbull skin conditions may be hereditary, but they are usually the result of the blue coat. Although, these skin conditions may not be very expensive to have taken care of, they are something new owners should be aware of before purchasing the dog.

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