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Exfoliate Or Tone?

For those of you who are still finding their feet in the field of skin care, I hope you know what is to exfoliate and toner the skin? For starters, exfoliating is basically the process in which the dead skin is tackled and removed off with suitable products.

On the other hand, toning is a process of using a lotion that cleanses the skin and shrinks the pores, adequately preparing the skin for moisturizing.

While exfoliating is generally considered as a part of the beauty care regimen, using a toner or not is almost always purely a matter of personal choice. If you have an oily skin and have felt good after using the toner a couple of times, then there is no reason you should not include toning as a regular part of your beauty care regimen. Similarly, if your skin has been left taut and too tight after you’ve used a toner, then you are best following exfoliating alone, leaving the part of toning out.

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