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Essential Dry Skin Care Products

There are so many different dry skin care product names and brands that cosmetic companies produce. While many are made up of basic ingredients that can truly address dry skin, these are sometimes produced in such a commercial way that the dry skin care product may not seem to work or the results may take some time to be seen. The amount of the ingredient in the product may be the factor that dictates just how effective a dry skin care product may be.


Moisturizers and emollients come in different kinds. There are light lotions, heavy lotions and butters that work at different levels to moisturize skin. Choose a dry skin care product that is rich and creamy such as body butters and those with Shea butter and jojoba oils, if the individual has skin that is severely dry. These dry skin care products often have humectants that can also attract moisture in the air. They also keep moisture better in the skin and prevent too much moisture loss due to winds and sun exposure. This kind of dry skin care product is usually more expensive than most.

People with oily skin also need moisturizers. The sebum that the body produces is vastly different from the moisture that the body needs. People with oily skin will need a dry skin care product that is water based and oil free to prevent a greasy look. People with sensitive skin may need a natural dry skin care product that soothes the skin when irritated and prevents the eruptions of rashes and other skin blemishes.

Sun Block

Too much exposure to sunlight can essentially dry skin out. Both the sun and cold dry air can rob skin of its moisture. One essential dry skin care product is sun block. Not only does sun block prevent photo aging it can also help to prevent skin dryness by blocking out harmful rays of the sun. Sun block has been touted as the fountain of youth to some degree and there is some grain of truth here. This dry skin care product helps to prevent further dryness and also helps to reduce the risk of certain skin cancers.

These two dry skin care products are both essential to reducing dryness and also in preventing it. Every person should address their dry skin problems with either a moisturizer or a sun block product since these two dry skin care products can actually be the answer to the problem.

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