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Dry Sensitive Skin Care Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Life

Everyone has suffered from dry sensitive at some time. Although wintertime is the time when dry skin is the biggest problem, it’s not the only time you may have dry skin. Unfortunately, many people are born with dry sensitive skin or develop it early in life. For these individuals, dry sensitive skin care is a daily part of their lives. Dry sensitive skin care can be a number of methods from your daily diet, your cleansing routine or dry sensitive skin care products you purchase at a store.

Sensitive skin affects about half the population of the world. It may result in breakouts, itchiness, flaky skin or skin irritations. Some skin irritations are pimples, eczema, or rashes. Many times these irritations make the skin so dry that when they are scratched, they start bleeding. With proper dry sensitive skin care, you no longer have to deal with such discomfort. A lot of good care for your dry sensitive skin begins on a daily basis with your daily routine. Many of the problems we suffer from with dry sensitive skin are almost self-inflicted, without realizing it, of course.

To lessen the chance of dry sensitive skin, avoid using perfumed or scented soaps and lotions. Many of the ingredients used to make these cosmetics are the very things that cause allergies and sensitivities in the skin, thus causing dryness, rash or skin irritation. When your doctor or dermatologist recommends using lotion or cream on your dry skin, they don’t mean the wonderful scents you buy at Bath & Body works to make your skin smell like a fruit or flower. The best dry sensitive skin care lotions are those that are medicated and unscented. Aveeno, Neutrogena, Vaseline and Eucerin all make excellent hand and body creams that work great for dry sensitive skin.

If you wear makeup regularly, try to use makeup for sensitive skin. Makeup is usually on your face at least 8 hours and if your skin develops an allergy to the ingredients, a lot of damage can happen in that time. When you wash the makeup off, use an unscented mild soap such as Ivory, Aveeno, Dove or something in that line. Do not use an antibacterial soap, as this will dry your skin out more. The less chemicals that go on your skin, the better your skin will look and feel. In fact, if you have sensitive, you should avoid using soap on your face, as pH will make dry skin more sensitive.

A diet rich in foods with the Vitamin-B complex will help your skin to look and feel healthy. This combined with good moisturizing lotions and creams will really help your skin. When washing, use cool or warm water, not hot and pat dry rather than rubbing with the towel. Using a combination of all these dry sensitive skin care tips as part of your daily regimen will really help your skin.

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