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Don’t Let Your Cocker Spaniel Be Bothered By Skin Conditions

Anyone that has ever had a cocker spaniel knows what a wonderful dog they can be. They are beautiful in appearance and make great hunting dogs as well as wonderful pets for the family. While dogs are usually healthy by nature, many of them have certain health conditions that they are prone to developing. Cocker Spaniel skin conditions can be troublesome to the dog as well as the owner, especially if they are hard to maintain and control

A couple of the cocker spaniel skin conditions that are very common are Seborrhea and Dermatitis. Although cocker spaniels are prone to getting these two cocker spaniel skin conditions, research has shown that they are related a lot to the dog’s diet. You should look for many different things when choosing your dog’s food. Years ago, we were very limited in our choices of dog food. Today, however, there are so many to choose from, it’s no longer an easy decision on which food to buy for your dog.

Your dog needs plenty of protein as well as Omega fatty acids. When you choose a dog food, look for these two items. Stay away from dog foods that are heavy in grains such as corn, wheat or soy as these things may cause allergies in dogs. Many dogs that get food-related allergies develop yeast and ear infections. Yeast and ear infections are cocker spaniel skin conditions that can be prevented with a good diet. Many dog owners have repeatedly had to take their dog to the veterinarian for ear infections. They get medication, the ear infection goes away only to return a few weeks later. It’s an endless cycle of medication and vet bill when it may be eliminated with a good diet. Only recently has corn and other grains been linked with yeast and ear infections so many dog owners are not aware of this development.

Because the cocker spaniel has sensitive skin, they are more prone to cocker spaniel skin conditions such as food allergies and allergies from flea bites or things in their environment. Things that don’t seem to bother other breeds of dogs tend to bother the cocker spaniel due to their delicate skin. You may want to use a special shampoo and conditioner on your cocker. Many owners like using a medicated oatmeal shampoo, which seems to work well. Your vet may also be able to recommend a good shampoo or conditioner.

As infamous as the cocker spaniel’s ears are, they also cause them trouble sometimes. They are so long that they tend to dip into their water and food dishes. This keeps them moist more often than is good for them, making them more prone to infection. Try to make sure your dog’s ears are always kept dry. This and a good diet will lessen their chances of developing cocker spaniel skin conditions.

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