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Dogs’ Skin Conditions: First Sign Of A Health Problem

Raising a dog can be a lot of fun, but there’s more to it than just having fun with your dog. There are things like training and good medical care. Dogs are prone to developing certain ailments and dog’s skin conditions are one that requires care. Many different dogs’ skin conditions can occur with your pet, each of them usually from a different cause. Off all the different ailments that can occur with dogs, skin conditions of the dog are usually the first clue that something in wrong.

One culprit that can really raise havoc with dogs’ skin conditions is fleas. Unfortunately, many dog owners don’t think to treat their dog for fleas until their dog is already been bit by them and affected. Once this happens, the dog may become sick if treatment is not administered as soon as possible. The time to treat your dog for fleas is at the beginning or before flea season begins. The same can be said for worms. Dogs should be given worm medication in the spring and fall, which is the height of the “worm season”. This is especially important if they are living in conditions where they are around feces or other dogs. Both fleas and worms can drastically affect the dog’s skin conditions, making them look shaggy and thin.

Numerous different things can affect dogs. Skin conditions are usually the first thing that becomes affected when a dog is becoming ill or if certain conditions are not as they should be. If a dog is not getting the nutrition they need in their dog food, it will usually show up in their coat. The dog’s coat will become dull looking with excess shedding or they may experience hair falling out in clumps. For some dogs, skin conditions such as yeast and ear infections will develop if their nutritional needs are not being met or if they’re getting foods that are causing allergies. Some of the foods that cause allergies in dogs and should be avoided are corn, wheat and soy. Not only will they cause allergies in many dogs, but also they are just “fillers” with little nutritional value.

Another skin disorder with dogs is Primary Seborrhea, which is an inherited disease. This disease will cause the skin to grow and shed abnormally. In our skin as well as our dogs, the outer layer of our skin is the layer that protects us. Underneath this layer, we have many other layers, each in order. A dog that has primary seborrhea does not have this particular order in which their skin grows. There is not cure for this disease, although vets can often prescribe shampoos as well as antibiotics that may help them grow more normally.

Dog’s skin conditions are something that every dog owner should pay attention to, as this is usually the first sign of a health problem.

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