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Dog Skin Conditions

Dogs have been around about as long as man has, but their popularity as a family pet an indoor dog has increased drastically in recent years. With dog being kept indoors, more attention is paid to their skin and coat. Therefore, owners are quick to notice when their dog develops dog skin conditions. Although many dog owners aren’t aware of the many dog skin conditions that exist, there are many. If you are an owner of a dog, skin conditions are something you should be aware of so you can help your dog if it is needed.

Dog skin conditions may be something as minor as matted and snarled hair or it can be a more serious skin problem such as worms or other parasites. Dogs should be given preventative worm medications especially if they live in conditions where they are more susceptible such as kennels or around other dogs. If a dog becomes infected with worms or other parasites, they will develop poor coat conditions, itchy and often irritated skin. For a dog, skin conditions can make the difference of them looking good or looking sickly.

A dog’s coat should be brushed regularly. Many people feel the only reason why their dog should be brushed is for physical appearance, but there are more reasons that are important. When you are brushing your dog, you are opening the circulation for their natural oils, which they need to have healthy skin and coat. When they begin to lose their natural oils, their skin becomes dry, which may cause matting as well as itchiness. Bathing a dog too often may also cause them to lose some of their natural oils. Brushing your dog will also make it easier for you to notice if there are any cuts, abrasions, ticks or other irregularities. The sooner these problems are noticed, the sooner they can be cured.

Young dogs and puppies often scratch themselves or chew on themselves. Although there may be a reason for this, often it is just puppy behavior. This type of behavior, however, can cause dog skin conditions such as itching or sores. Diet also plays an important part in the way a dog’s skin may look. If they are not getting the proper nutrients, the first place it will usually show up is in their coat. They may begin to shed more often or their coat may become very dull-looking. They may also develop yeast infections or allergies, which will also cause itching and scratching. It’s important to have your dog on a diet of high-quality dog food. Don’t assume because a dog food is a name brand or expensive that it’s a good quality dog food. This is not always the case. Let the ingredients determine how good the dog food is for your dog. The main ingredients in the dog food should consist of meat or meat products, not corn, wheat or soy, which can contribute to allergies in dogs.

If your dog is on a good diet, receives good maintenance, and still seems to have dog skin conditions, a trip to the vet may be in order.

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