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Dog Dry Skin Care: Important for Overall Good Health

Humans are not the only ones that suffer from dry skin. Any dog owner will know that their dog is just as susceptible to dry skin are humans are, possibly more so. Dry skin may be more common in dogs because they can’t give themselves dog dry skin care and most humans don’t treat their dogs as good as they treat themselves on a hygienic level. One thing that dogs have in common with humans is that lack of proper dog dry skin care, just as lack on human skin care can lead to further problems.

The best type of dog dry skin care you can give your dog is to provide him with a nutritionally complete diet. A good diet for your dog may seem easy enough to you. You probably buy dog food for you dog and feel that’s all he needs. However, your dog must have a good quality dog food that provided the correct amount of protein, calories, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Most people are amazed when they learn the difference good quality dog food will make in your dog. Dry skin care will become less of a concern when they’re on a good diet. The first signs you can look for are in their coat. If there coat is dull, dry and itchy, some changes are needed in their diet.

Other conditions may require more dog dry skin care such as allergies, hypothyroidism or bacterial skin infections. If you feel that you are feeding your dog a dog food that is providing them with everything they need and they still need dog dry skin care, consult with your veterinarian. He may want to check your dog to make sure there aren’t any more serious problems.

Grooming your dog on a regular schedule is a great step towards dog dry skin care. Grooming serves more than one purpose. Not only does it make them look great but it distributes their natural oils in their coat, gets rid of snarls and mats and helps your discover any possible problem when it first occurs. A common problem with many dogs is flea allergy dermatitis, especially during the flea season. A daily check for fleas can help to prevent or eliminate this problem. Many skin problems and irritations may come on rather quickly, but with good dog dry skin care, they can be stopped before they become serious..

Flaky and itchy skin is the biggest complaint of dog owners. If diet is not the culprit, make sure your dog is not being bathed too often as this can strip them of their natural oils. This is especially true in the winter months when the humidity levels are low. If you follow these tips for your dog, dry skin care will be part of his daily routine.

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