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Determining The Cause Of Canine Skin Conditions

Canine skin conditions can come from a number of causes. Some may be minor and some may be serious. Often canine skin conditions begin as something minor that can be treated easily, but it’s ignored until it becomes a major problem for the dog and owner. Although most canine skin conditions are not serious or life threatening, they can become quite a problem if left untreated. Some of the most common canine skin conditions are allergies, chyletiella mites, fleas, hot spots and ticks.

Many canine skin conditions are the result of allergies. While humans will usually have skin problems as well as respiratory problems with allergies, dogs tend to have their allergies show up as skin conditions. Allergies in dogs can come from coming in contact with something or from inhaling it. Some of the possible culprits are flea saliva, cleaning agents, dairy products, food, house dust mites, lawn chemicals and pollens. The most difficult part is determining what is causing the allergy, but once this is done, the best treatment is to keep it away from the dog.

Cheyletiella also known as walking dandruff is another skin condition for dogs. This disorder is caused by the chyletiella mites and because they are so large and visible, it’s called “walking dandruff”. Cheyletiella can also cause other canine skin conditions such as crusting, dandruff, redness, skin inflammation, spots, scales and scruff. Treatment for chyletiella is a shampoo designed to kill the mites as well as spraying your home to prevent reinfection.

One of the more serious canine skin conditions that can affect dogs is Demodex mange. What makes this disorder serious is the potential damage it can do to the immune system in the dog. It may also indicate that the dog may have cancer as well as an already weakened immune system. Females transmit this disorder to their puppies, but it usually doesn’t become a problem other than hair loss and itchiness until they are older. Treatment is usually bathing in special shampoo.

The most common of the canine skin conditions results from fleas. The skin disorder will usually develop from the bite of the flea or an allergic reaction the flea saliva. Symptoms are itching and possibly being able to see the fleas. Treatment is shampooing with products to kill fleas, replacing the dog’s bedding and insecticides to rid the house of fleas. It is also recommended that dogs get flea collars or medication to prevent infestation of fleas.

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