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Cure Dermatillomania: Hypnosis Skin Picking

Hypnotherapy is the main method used in hypnosis skin picking, a treatment for people with compulsive skin picking disorder. One out of 20 people is suffering from compulsive skin picking, which makes 5% of the total population is affected by this condition. This is a repetitive behavior of biting, chewing, or picking the skin to the extent of destroying the skin and causing tissue damage. This condition may be detrimental to both children and adults as it can affect the different aspects of their lives.

The problem with compulsive skin picking, besides the threat of permanent disfigurement is that the subject is unaware that he or she is constantly picks the skin. They are unaware that they are spending so much time picking their skin, in extreme cases this may lead to bruising bleeding and scarring.

There have been studies that linked these factors to anxiety, depression and stress, they are the major causes of compulsive skin picking. These conditions trigger the sufferer’s urge to pick their skin. Psychological treatments are suggested to cure skin picking disorder, these treatments are also used with Obsessive Compulsive disorder and other metal health illness. They typically remedy it with Cognitive Behavior Therapy that required the use of medications like Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRIs. Other people favor alternative methods to deal with this condition.

By using hypnotherapy, therapists believe that there are more comprehensive and effective approaches to unravel the causes of hypnosis skin picking. Skin picking is driven by a subconscious urge and so it is important to pay attention to the subconscious mind to find the answer to this harmful behavior.

As soon as the sufferer starts to pick his or her skin unconsciously, that subject has entered the hypnotic realm. They are in a focused concentration as they pick but have not yet taken control of the trance state. This is an unconstructive form of hypnosis skin picking. Hypnosis skin picking only determines the emotional cause of picking by tapping the unconscious part of the brain and let other forms of therapy deal with it. At this state, the subconscious can be taught to select a more constructive habit and behavior rather than a self-mutilating skin picking.

Once the subject learns to control his or her hypnotic ability, they will not only cure themselves but they will also enjoy other benefits from it.

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