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Cleansing For Oily Skin

Oily skin demands a very stringent and regular skin care, failing which it can lead to a series of skin problems, led by the likes of acne.

It is for this reason that cleansing is regarded as the most important step in the care regimen for those with an oily skin. To take-up the procedure in the right fashion, first wash the skin with a medicated soap and lukewarm water. This will effectively remove the surface oil and dirt. You can use the special non-alkaline soaps that are available in a cream form.

Once this step is over, then a pre-cleansing method should be followed. This is ideally done with a gentle derm-abrasive method, cleansing the skin of dead cells and dislodging the hardened oil from the pores. A mixture of beauty grains along with a skin tonic has especially been found to be very useful for the oily skin.

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