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Check These Three Top Contenders For The Best Anti Aging Diet

When it comes to selecting the best anti aging diet you will find many contenders but only a few really deserve your attention. Without a doubt if a person eats the right foods they will be able to prevent the signs of aging and even better such diets can also help to forestall occurrence of diseases related to aging. Among the best anti aging diets you should include names such as The Mediterranean Diet, the Okinwa Diet as too the Macrobiotic Diet.

The Macrobiotic Diet

The Macrobiotic Diet deserves to be considered the best anti aging diet because it is simple and requires only that you eat those foods that promote higher energy levels. Madonna follows this best anti aging diet and has the energy that a twenty-five year old would be proud of. Such a diet requires eating plenty of phytoestrogens though it is also a diet that will not suit people that live busy lifestyles because to follow this diet often means needing to have a macrobiotic chef to prepare the right foods for them.

The other contender for best anti aging diet, The Okinwa Diet is also a diet that is essentially plant based and it involves consuming fewest possible calories and far lower than what you would consume if you were following the Macrobiotic Diet that is actually quite a rich diet. The Okinwa Diet requires eating what Japanese women eat which makes they live longer and which will also ensures almost non-existent menopausal symptoms.

The Okinwa Diet requires that you eat tuna and salmon and mackerel, Omega-3 fatty acids, seven helpings of fruits and vegetables and equal amount of whole grains. In addition you should consume two servings of calcium and the same amount of soy products and six glasses of water as well as same quantity of green tea.

Most people that have tried out The Mediterranean Diet concur that is the best anti aging diet and also the most pleasurable. This diet requires that you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and also plenty of whole grains and also fish. The reason why this is considered the best anti aging diet is that it reduces risk of inflammation of tissues prevents lung and heart disease and it can also prevent Alzheimer’s disease; and more.

If you are looking for an anti aging diet guide then you could check out sites such as Web MD where experts on anti aging diets can advise you how to age gracefully. These tips can even show you why a proper anti aging diet is preferable to going under the scalpel and so must be considered seriously.

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