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Caring For Combination Skin

To give some insight to begin with, combination skin is a skin type presenting almost a proportionate combination of dry and oily skin. The most distinguishing aspect of combination skin is the presence of an oily T-zone, basically comprising of the forehead, nose and chin.

To care for combination skin, the most important thing you need to do is to follow a regular cleansing regimen. The dry areas should be wiped with a light rehydrant gel, with a moist cotton wool. Meanwhile, a medicated soap should be applied on the oily areas and rinsed off with water. In the areas which are prone to blackheads, rub a mixture of beauty grains and skin tonic thrice a week.

Also, if you have a combination skin, use a good night care regimen. This should basically include a light massage with a nourishing cream on the dry regions. To end, cleanse and massage neck and apply a gentle almond eye-cream for any dark under eye circles.

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