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Are Egg-Whites Skin Friendly?

Some of the best and most effective beauty remedies come from within the household. Nothing works better than using natural, homemade products for skin problems and even basic nourishment.

Eggs are one such natural product which has amazing qualities as a beauty aid. Especially for the people with skin that tends to loosen with age, white of the eggs tend to act as an excellent skin tightener. Such packs are also extremely useful for people with an oily skin.

To get the best results, first cleanse your face properly of any dirt particles or traces of make-up. Once done, carefully separate the egg white from its yolk. Beat the egg white slightly and apply it evenly all over your face. Besides tightening the pores, this pack gives your face an overall facelift. Wash off after twenty minutes and rinse with rosewater for that added touch of elegance.

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