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All Natural Skin Care Information

Everyone loves taking care of the environment. More and more people are recycling, buying organic food, and supporting local agricultural businesses. People drive less, walk more, and use sustainable materials. Did you know that you can even go green with your skin care products? It’s true! There are plenty of all natural skin care products out there for you to use instead of the chemical and toxin laden traditional skin care products. Even if you do not feel comfortable using your own natural skin care recipe, there are certain things you can look for in an all natural skin care product.

What To Avoid

There are several ingredients that you should absolutely avoid if you are looking for all natural skin care products. The first is mineral oil. If you begin a hunt for all natural skin care products, you will quickly see that almost every skin care product that you find will have mineral oil in it. Why? Because it is a cheap so-called moisturizer. The only negative to this is that mineral oil is actually horrible for your skin! No all natural skin care product will have mineral oil in it because this oil clogs pores, takes away the skin’s natural ability to breathe, and can cause acne flare ups, premature aging, and dependency on it as extended use will cause chapped, dry skin. Weeding out products with mineral oil will help greatly with your search since at the typical store that will leave you with next to nothing to purchase! If you still have any skin care products left after that, eliminate any products with preservatives like parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl), fragrances, alcohol, and dioxins.

What To Look For

All natural skin care products have several key ingredients in common. Natural skin care products seek to boost what your skin already has, and the ingredients you want to look for are already in your skin. For example, collagen is an important part of your skin to help it bounce back and remain elastic. This keeps wrinkles at bay. All natural skin care products sometimes contain collagen to help increase your skin’s natural elasticity. Other natural ingredients like water, sea salt, and almonds are great and commonly found in all natural skin care products. Another great all natural skin care ingredient is phytessence wakame. This may sound like some chemical, but in fact it is an all natural ingredient found in Japan. Nearly any all natural skin care product that includes phytessence wakame will be very much an all natural product.

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