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A Good Skincare Regimen

Anyone that wants healthy and beautiful skin should have a good skincare regimen. But unfortunately it’s not as if we’re born with a set of instructions that tell us exactly what this should entail, and of course some people try certain products or treatments and wind up with skin that looks worse than it did before. So what is a good skincare regimen; what does it involve and what products should be used?

Keep in mind that you need to have a skincare regimen that is appropriate for you and your skin type, and for where you work and live. Most people can usually wash their face once at night and this is enough, but if you work in a factory or live in an area where there is a lot of dust and dirt in the air, you might want to clean your pores at least once more throughout the day. As with any skincare regimen it’s important to replace the natural oils you strip away when you wash or cleanse your face. This doesn’t mean you need some thick, cakey moisturizer but just something that will lightly nourish your face and provide a nice barrier between your skin and the pollutants and other irritants in the air.

When you do clean your face it’s a common mistake to overdo it. This means using harsh soaps and cleansers and scrubbing vigorously. Both of these should be avoided with your skincare regimen as they will do nothing but irritate your skin and may even cause it to break out into acne. This is because when you overdo it with the cleaning you strip too much natural oil and so your body compensates by producing even more. A good skincare regimen means a light and gentle cleaning at night followed by a good moisturizer. If you have dry skin you can use an exfoliating agent but as with cleaning this should not be overdone either. Usually once per week is enough; a very gentle product can be used more often but rarely should you use any exfoliating agent every single day.

Cleaning your face again the morning after doing so at night as part of your skincare regimen can also be overdoing it. Usually a light toner is good to remove any excess oil if you wake up with oily skin. A good moisturizer in the morning should also be part of your skincare regimen even if you do have oily skin, as sometimes if you add some natural moisturizer the body will turn off its own oil glands.

The products you use as part of your skincare regimen are also important; be sure that they’re designed for your skin type. If you don’t have acne breakouts don’t use those designed for acne thinking this will prevent breakouts. Be aware of how your skincare regimen makes your face look and feel and be ready to make some adjustments, such as adding a little moisturizer during the day for dry skin or using blotter sheets for oily skin.

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